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Lace Sensor Dresses at StAnza Poetry Festival

We were invited to exhibit our Lace Sensor Dresses at the StAnza Poetry Festival in St Andrews, Scotland.  The festival ran from 6-10 March 2013 and Anja went to represent our project.

LSP at StAnza 2

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pressure sensor B: demo

pressure sensor B: round 08

The final round!

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pressure sensor B: round 07

To make the layer thick I made in itself  two layer of embroidered feld together.

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pressure sensor B: round 06

The layers are getting thicker now, so I used a padded piece of cotton with top-stitching following the original lace pattern.

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pressure sensor B: round 05

How to get to a thicker string? I just remembered a cord-making technique I used to do as a child. With this cord I followed the rough form of the lace and the previous layer.

pressure sensor B: round 04

I used a large abstract silk applique for this round.

pressure sensor B: round 03

I used the line of Meg’s embroidery and went on embroidering with a thicker thread interpreting the motif of the lace.

pressure sensor B: round 02

This round started with Anja’s pencil sketch on super-thin chiffon layer which I used as a guide for my embroidery.

pressure sensor B: round 01

I used a thin layer of chiffon for the first round. I started simple and quick, making a pencil sketch of the lace motif directly on the fabric.