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pressure sensor rules

This is how our pressure sensor looks before any layers have been added:

These are the rules and guidelines we thought up for the pressure sensor:

  • each layer has to touch/overlap the previous layer in some way
  • each round uses a thicker material than the previous round
  • extra points for thick + squishy materials
  • try to demonstrate the idea of pressure and force
  • try to encourage the user to touch!
  • neutral colours (ecru)
  • 8 rounds per sensor
  • each day is one round!

The lace we used for the pressure sensor

This is the original lace from the Museum de Kantfabriek.  The greyish threads, of course, are the conductive threads.  The rest is cotton.

We measured the conductivity of 1 m lace. 1m = 23,8ohm