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pressure sensor A: demo

pressure sensor A: round 08

I ended up using this very thick spongy felt material in a loop like the lace on it. The height is nearly the same as the pressure sensor itself.

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pressure sensor A: round 07

In order to get this layer really thick I made a kind of loopy carpet.  It also follows the curved wave shape that we see coming back in almost every layer.

pressure sensor A: round 06

I used the same crochet technique with different thicknesses of thread which I stitched on a layer of felt in the wave-form of the lace.

pressure sensor A: round 05

I wanted to make a raised layer in the form inspired by the original lace pattern.

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pressure sensor A: round 04

It’s another abstract interpretation with a giant cross-stitch and using thick string.

pressure sensor A: round 03

I stitched an approximation of the lace pattern on top of the previous layer.

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pressure sensor A: round 02

I used a ribbon to make a little curve which follows the curve of the lace.

pressure sensor A: round 01

This is how it looks after I worked on it for round one.  I stitched a single thread from each of the loops at the edge of the lace sensor.  I wanted to keep it as flat and as simple as possible, so the threads follow the weave of the canvas, almost invisible.

pressure sensor rules

This is how our pressure sensor looks before any layers have been added:

These are the rules and guidelines we thought up for the pressure sensor:

  • each layer has to touch/overlap the previous layer in some way
  • each round uses a thicker material than the previous round
  • extra points for thick + squishy materials
  • try to demonstrate the idea of pressure and force
  • try to encourage the user to touch!
  • neutral colours (ecru)
  • 8 rounds per sensor
  • each day is one round!