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Lace Sensor Dresses at StAnza Poetry Festival

We were invited to exhibit our Lace Sensor Dresses at the StAnza Poetry Festival in St Andrews, Scotland.  The festival ran from 6-10 March 2013 and Anja went to represent our project.

LSP at StAnza 2

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pressure sensor A: round 08

I ended up using this very thick spongy felt material in a loop like the lace on it. The height is nearly the same as the pressure sensor itself.

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pressure sensor B: round 07

To make the layer thick I made in itself  two layer of embroidered feld together.

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pressure sensor A: round 06

I used the same crochet technique with different thicknesses of thread which I stitched on a layer of felt in the wave-form of the lace.

pressure sensor B: round 05

How to get to a thicker string? I just remembered a cord-making technique I used to do as a child. With this cord I followed the rough form of the lace and the previous layer.

pressure sensor A: round 04

It’s another abstract interpretation with a giant cross-stitch and using thick string.

pressure sensor B: round 03

I used the line of Meg’s embroidery and went on embroidering with a thicker thread interpreting the motif of the lace.

pressure sensor A: round 02

I used a ribbon to make a little curve which follows the curve of the lace.

pressure sensor B: round 01

I used a thin layer of chiffon for the first round. I started simple and quick, making a pencil sketch of the lace motif directly on the fabric.

The lace we used for the pressure sensor

This is the original lace from the Museum de Kantfabriek.  The greyish threads, of course, are the conductive threads.  The rest is cotton.

We measured the conductivity of 1 m lace. 1m = 23,8ohm