pressure sensor dresses: audio

Speaking of speakers, a few months ago David Littler recorded the three poems for our three dresses.  Among other things, David is part of a collective called sampler-cultureclash, which uses as a starting point the commonalities between sampled audio and embroidery samplers.  From there, they organise collaborations between a diverse range of musicians, designers, artisans, craftspeople and artists.

David seemed like the perfect person to contact about sourcing audio for our spoken poems.  He knows his way around audio, works closely with embroiderers (who naturally have a special connection to the poems we’ve chosen) and he lives in the UK, which is where we wanted the accents to come from!  Although he’s a busy guy (he just started a residency in Berlin), he managed to find time to help us and has provided three lovely audio files for us to load onto our WaveShields!

Oh, and we’ve decided to name our dresses after the women reading the poems (much nicer than Pressure Sensor Dress One, Pressure Sensor Dress Two, etc).  So our dresses will be named Sian, Emma and Pat!


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