pressure sensor dresses: arduino sleeve

Things are moving along slowly but surely with the pressure sensor dresses.  Here’s a quick update on how we integrated the arduinos and waveshields.

The conductive threads from the speakers and sensors on the body of the dress all terminate at the back of the waste between the top-skirt and the under-skirt.  Here, we made a flap that the arduino attaches to with metal press-studs.

We didn’t use a Lilypad because we wanted to have a compact “sandwich” with the Waveshield (see our previous post on this).  We use 3xAAA in a traditional battery holder that slides into a little pocket above the Arduino.

The whole thing can be removed for laundering and/or debugging.

The four press-studs on the right connect to the analog 5 pin (sensors), ground, power and audio out (speakers).  The two press-studs on the left don’t connect to anything, they just hold the Arduino in place.


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